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Do you want to hire a professional close up table magician Stockport? Why not make your special event the best it can be and hire a close up magician who can thoroughly entertain and amaze your guests.

Hiring a magician at a party is now becoming a very popular way to entertain your guests. Why not add a sparkle of magic with live entertainment from a professional magician.

Itís seen as a greater ice breaker that will enable all your guests to enjoy themselves, and have them laughing and gasping in amazement at some outstanding magic.

Itís a superb way form of entertainment for a wedding, gala dinner, corporate event, birthday party or private house party located somewhere around Stockport. Let Ian, astound and amaze your guests with his mind-boggling close up magic which only uses coins, playing cards and objects that are found on ones person.

Birthday party magician Stockport

Corporate magician Stockport

Wedding magician Stockport

At your special event you can choose where and when you would like Ian to perform, but one of the most popular times is at the dinner table, entertaining your guests in between courses when they are eating their meal. Another popular option would be a performance in the reception or bar area. Ian can mix and mingle with your guests showing them fantastic magic that they wonít believe their eyes.

So why not make your event the best it can be and make a most memorable event that little more special. This type of magic will transcend too many different age groups, from adults to children. So why not book Ian now for your next party or event!

Add a sparkle of magic to your party and have all your guests laughing and gasping in amazement with his incredible sleight of hand skills and unique brand of humor will guarantee that your guests enjoy their evening!

So why not check out Ianís availability for the date and time of your special event and book him to perform close up table magic in the Stockport area.

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